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Indiana Auction Association Membership Benefits

IAA Logo
Promote your membership in the IAA by using the association logo on your website, business cards, advertisements, letterhead and more.

Continuing Education
The IAA is the #1 preferred provider of continuing education courses in Indiana. Courses are held throughout the year, as well as, at the annual convention.

The IAA has a Foundation that provides academic scholarships to members or dependents of current members seeking a higher education.

CAI Scholarship
The Indiana Auctioneers Association Foundation is proud to provide the Certified Auctioneers Institute Scholarship program. Applications from qualified candidates are reviewed by the Scholarship Committee made up of two (2) individuals from the Indiana Auctioneers Foundation Board and one Foundation member. A candidate’s scholarship merit, in addition to financial need, will be considered. Applicants must submit this form along with requested supporting documents to the following:

Legislative Watch/Advocacy
The IAA employs a lobbyist to watch each legislative session to inform the IAA of any potential legislation regarding the auction industry in the state of Indiana. The IAA is the voice of auctioneers in the state of Indiana. The IAA is advocating for the auction industry.

IAA website
The IAA website is a tool to all members to locate fellow auctioneers and keep up to date with all the Association news and events.

One of the most exciting aspects of all association events is the opportunity to meet new people and share knowledge and information. The IAA is in the top five largest state auctioneer associations so the knowledge is limitless.